Infant formula decisions should be well informed, and the information should not come from those who profit from choices made.

Infant formula marketing should always be ethical, and the decision of the Australian government to scrap the panel that monitors the marketing of infant formula (with no word of anything that might replace it) is abhorrent.

Email Australian Health Minister Peter Dutton and tell him your thoughts about whether infant formula marketing should be completely unregulated, with no recourse for any unethical actions.

Breaking news - Australian Prime Minister is a piece of shit

So, the Australian government today announced, that they are abolishing the piss poor replacement piece of shit body that governs infant formula marketing.

The marketing code in Australia only covered infant formula up to 12 months, so “Toddler formula” with the exact same branding and messaging as infant formula was created. But at least there was something..

So far, there’s nothing that will replace APMAIF. Tony Abbott is once again a huge fucknuckle of a syphillitic scrotum, who believes that anyone who is not rich as fuck white man (or one of the women he owns) is not worthy of any government spending.

Now, there will literally be nothing to stop unethical marketing to persuade new parents who are extra vulnerable to marketing to buy their brand of formula. Nothing to make sure that if extra ingredients in infant formula are beneficial for babys development, that they are put in ALL infant formulae, and not just the premium priced ones.

Nothing to stop unethical marketing practices that serve to convince new parents that they should doubt the lactation process without good reason. Nothing to stop infant formula and baby food manufacturers from encouraging parents to introduce foods in ways that might be damaging to their baby even though it lines the pockets of the greedy rich fucks.